Friday, March 8, 2013

Blackboard Trigonometry

Blackboard Trigonometry Hoodie

The first piece in my "Cheat Sheet Collection" is done.  I designed the fabric myself on my IPad and then had it printed at    It was my first attempt at designing my own fabric......

You are probably thinking that I had to buy it which would break my rule about not buying fabric for a year....and you would be right.  BUT, I made a little exception for buying fabric that I designed myself.

I did use a jacket that I had in my stash, that was uninspired and incomplete.  It is a heavy fleece.  The trigonometric functions are in the hood lining, pockets and sleeves.  There is even some fabric in the inside front of the jacket.


I finished it off with a unit circle on the back.Nerdy is the New Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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