Monday, March 4, 2013

As Soft As A Pink Puppy's Ears

As Soft As a Pink Puppy's Ears

I fell in love with this fabric when my labrador passed away.  I missed her soft little ears so much.  When I touched the pink fur at our local Ben Franklin's, I recognized that softness right was Sandi's ears.

With a 25$ gift card, I was able to purchase the fabric for the coat.  The coat went together quickly but then hung in my closet for 2 years when I couldn't find the right lining.  I had some brown and pink geometric fabric that I had cut out but hated.  So there it hung, waiting for its lining.  

I ran across the polka dot charmuese and knew that my coat could finally be finished.  

My friends gave me advice on the buttons, a little sparkle seemed like the perfect finishing touch.

It is a cozy little coat.  But the best part is petting the soft fur on the sleeves and remembering the love of my dog.

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  1. The polka dots are perfect. This is a beautiful coat.