Sunday, September 15, 2013

Math Rebel Trigonometry Skirt

 A very simple skirt that I made using the fabric that I designed and had printed at Spoonflower.  The skirt is a simple a-line design.  Instead of including the yoke and a zipper, I made a facing to encase a wide elastic band.

The trigonometry fabric is knit, so I stretched it slightly along the bottom edge and tightened it a tad at the upper edge to accommodate the a-line shape.  I finished the hem with bias tape.

The skirt itself is a smokey gray cotton.  The trig fabric is a faded black, so the two together work nicely.  I added a little pocket with the sine graph, which is convenient for holding mechanical pencils and other such mathematical things.  
 My next project will be to design more math fabric but with a bit more color and more useful equations....I'm thinking the quadratic equation and a collections of graphs with their functions.  I am getting my inspiration from the successes and struggles of my Math 3 class at SHS.  Love that class!!!!

Yes, it's nerdy...but being a math teacher, it is how I roll!