Saturday, December 29, 2012

Too much sparkle? Impossible!

A Little Sparkle!

In my stash, I had a variety of sparkly knit that was supposed to become a mermaid costume.  I never got the inspiration to figure out the costume details (like how to make the tail walk-able but still tapered as a tail).  As a result, the fabric just hung there.   After observing that people often wear black to parties,  I decided to stand out at the new year's eve party this year by making a sparkly dress.

 The fabric is light-weight knit with little dots glued on it.  The machine needle will pierce the dots but there are some issues to consider:

-Glue from the dots will gum up the needle.
-Pressing the fabric could result in a melted mess.
-The fabric may buckle when sewing pieces.

I tested some pieces first and found that a warm iron that briefly and lightly touched the fabric was enough to heat the dots and help them to bend to lay flat.
I also could clean the needle often to help it sew successfully.

I sewed many strips together with varied widths using my serger.  The long strips sewed together nicely at first but by the end, the feeding was irregular and rippled.  I tried to control the feed by holding each layer separately with my fingers as they fed through. I gently pressed each seam.  I decided that the best way to construct the dress would be with princess seams. This would shorten the width of the sections and they would be secured to a lining, helping them to lay smooth.   I used some black swimsuit fabric for the lining.  This worked nicely.

I love piping AND I wanted the dress to match my new black shoes.  So I used piping to accent the side front and side back seams.  I also used it to finish the arm holes and neck.  I hand sewed the piping seam allowance to the lining, so it cleaned up the edges nicely. I didn't need a zipper, since it is a stretchy dress.  I sewed seam tape at the hem and hand-stitched it to the lining.

A photo of the dress at the New Year's Party...

with my new shoes, on their very first outing!

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