Monday, December 31, 2012

Peter Piper Pleated Plaid Pants

Peter Piper didn't really pleat my plaid pants but I think I shall pick a peck of pickles anyways.  

These are my lightweight wool pants inspired by the Ralph Lauren fall collection.  I use the word "inspired" loosely because I really just copied them.  I ordered the fabric a few months ago after seeing the pants on the Ralph Lauren website.

I used the pants pattern that I have adjusted and changed to fit perfectly every time.  I love the pattern because it has a yoke and not a waistband.  I also put a side zipper in this pair of pants.

I added an extra large pleat at the waist by redrawing the pattern on some grid paper.   I traced one side of the pattern  and then slid it over 3" and traced the other side.

Problems?  Well, I pressed the pleats to the hem and then hated them.  I like the soft pleat instead.  I also didn't like the way the pleat looked coming out of the yoke, so I added a belt loop with a large button.
The pants are navy and green, the buttons are black. I'm still not too sure about my button choice but I used what I had in my button drawer.  I will wait a few weeks and if they still bother me, I will switch them.

I had the vest in my closet, given to me from someone who found it at a second hand store.  I switched the buttons and I think it turned out to be a smart pairing with the pants.

A sharp look for a math teacher...
Yes.  Especially if I wear my glasses and carry a yardstick!

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