Friday, December 28, 2012

A New Year-A New Challenge

I can't sit still and I can't seem to control my need to purchase just one more piece of fabric if it is a good price.  I also can't throw away scraps.  The result, as you can guess, is a sewing room that is full!  I have pieces of fabric on shelves, in drawers, in baskets, hanging over the door.  Frankly, it is a wee bit embarrassing!  This challenge is designed to break me of the compulsion to purchase a piece of fabric.  It will also challenge me to find some innovative ways to use those scraps (this will be fun).

Day 1 will begin today...December 28, 2012. 

I knew this day was approaching since I committed to this challenge about a week ago.

My first reaction-"cool"  "great"  "what a good idea"

My second reaction-" oh no, what if I don't have lining fabric to finish the things I am making!"  "I have to buy some fabric before Day 1-just things that I know I will need"

So I went to and bought some lining fabrics to match a few pieces of wool that I currently have and then I threw in another piece of wool, just for fun.  Whew!

Christmas arrived and I received a pair of Louboutin shoes from my husband, outrageous!  Considering that I make all of my clothes, use every scrap, buy fabric on sale, am very practical...this gift was so unbelievable!  What was I to do?  I had to make sure I had some black fabric to make something to go with those shoes (everything looks great with those shoes, however).  So I headed back to
With a coupon and plenty of good prices, I ordered a few pieces of fabric.  

Now my stash was even bigger!  

Last October, I did the Whole30 challenge.  Eating clean for 30 days.  The night before I started, I ate plenty of bread, drank some wine and ate my fill of cheese.  Since I wouldn't eat them again for 30 days, I just had to do it.  Well, I think that same thing just happened with my fabric purchases.  After 30 days, I felt fantastic, had better control over my food choices and didn't want cheese anymore.  I wonder how 365 days of no fabric purchases will change me.  My prediction?  I will be more careful about planning my purchases, finishing the project before starting another.  Or at the very least, I will have drawers that are easier to open!

3-2-1 Go!

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